Basic information of the sector

The jurisdiction of the Ministry in the field of libraries is:

  • To draft legislation and develop draft policy planning documents regulating the sector of libraries;

  • To ensure implementation of policy of the library sector in the libraries and state agencies subordinate to the Ministry;

  • To cooperate with the libraries of Latvia, their founders, public organizations of the libraries and Latvian Library Council;

  • To carry out registration of libraries, organize the accreditation of libraries and to issue accreditation documents;

  • To cooperate with the governing institutions of libraries and libraries of other countries as well as international library organizations.


General information on the libraries of Latvia

The total number of libraries: 1750, 
76 281 359 units.
The total number of registered users: 1 234 141 
Number of visits: 21 059 526  
Delivery: 23  334 055


The library services encompass all activity fields and all age groups of the population. From the 2 160 124 of Latvia population more than 54 % have registered as active library users. There is one library per 1234 inhabitants. Each user has attended a library on average 17 times per year.

The following libraries operate in Latvia:

  • 1 National Library of Latvia
  • 1 National Academic Library
  • 811 public libraries:  including  801 municipal libraries;  Latvian Library for the Blind with 8 branch libraries; 2 other public libraries
  • 50 libraries of higher educational establishments
  • 852 libraries of general education and vocational education establishments
  • 35 specialised libraries

Library and Archives Division Cultural Policy Department
Postal address of the Department: 
K.Valdemāra iela 11a, Riga, LV-1364
Phone: +371 67330221

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