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In dependency of the Ministry of Culture are

-The National Archives of Latvia 
-The State Inspection for Heritage Protection   
-Centre for Culture Information Systems
-National Film Centre of Latvia
-Latvian National Centre for Culture Arts


- Latvian National Museum of Art;
Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation;
- The Rundales Palace Museum;
Andrejs Upitis museum;
- Etnographic Open-air Museum of Latvia;
- The Latvian Culture Museum "Dauderi";
- History Museum of Latvia;
- Ojars Vacietis Museum;
- Literature,Theatre and Music Museum;
- The Turaida Museum Reserve

Cultural Education Institutions:

- Latvian Academy of Culture;
- Latvia Culture College;
- Art Academy of Latvia;
- Liepaja secondary Art School;
- Rezekne secondary Art School
- Riga Design and Art School;
- Riga Dom Choir School;
- Riga Choreography School;
- Ventspils secondary Music School;
- Alfreds Kalnins' Cesis secondary Music School;
- Daugavpils Music College;
- Emils Darzins' Music School;
- Emilis Melngailis' Liepaja Secondary Music School;
- Janis Ivanovs Rezekne secondary Music School;
- Janis Rozentals Art Highschool;
- Jazeps Medins Riga secondary School;
- Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music;
- Jelgava secondary Music School.


- NationalLibrary of Latvia;
- LatvianLibrary for the Blind.



In Cabinet of the Ministers supervision are and the supervision is realized by mediatory of the Minister of Culture: 

public foundation "State Culture Capital Foundation"

The Ministry is the holder of State's shares in following business companies:

- holding company  "Riga Motion Pictures Studio";
- State Limited Liability Company "The Latvian National Symphony Orchestra"
- State Limited Liability Company"The State Choir "Latvija"";
-State Limited Liability Company"Latvijas Koncerti";
- State Limited Liability Company"Chamber Orchestra "KREMERata Baltica"
- Limited Liability Company„International Writers' and Translators' House”
- State Limited Liability Company"Riga Circus";
- State Limited Liability Company"The New Riga Theatre"
- State Limited Liability Company "The Daile Theatre";
- State Limited Liability Company "The Latvian National Theatre";
- State Limited Liability Company "Daugavpils Theatre";
- State Limited Liability Company "Valmiera Drama Theatre";
- State Limited Liability Company "State Puppet Theatre";
- State Limited Liability Company  "Riga Russian Theatre".

- State Limited Liability Company "The Latvian National Opera"

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