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Kultūras un dabas mantojuma saglabāšana un atjaunināšana Latvijas Repuyblijas Kultūras ministrija

Project number: EEZLV04/GSKA/2013/16. 

Project promoter: Ropazi District municipality.

Project tittle: "Dance in nature 2014";

Date of project contract: 03.09.2014.

Project partners: Siri & Snelle Produksjoner (Norway), Dejas atbalsts fonds "Zvaigžņu AkA" (Latvia).

Total eligible costs: 66 000.00 euro.

The amount of support - 95% of eligible costs, not more than 62 700.00 euro of which:

EEA co-financing - 85% of eligible costs, not more than 53 295.00 eiro;

National co-financing - 15% of eligible costs, not more than 9405.00 euro;

co-financing of the beneficiary - 5% of the total eligible project costs, not more than 3300.00 euro.

Planned project strat date: 28.07.2014.

Duration: 3 months.

Venue: Ropažu District (Latvia).

Project dicription: Contemporary dance art in Latvia has been seeking original performance sites, by uniting and creating a synthesis of various genres of art. One of the expressions of contemporary dance is Dance in Nature, where choreography is adjusted to a certain place, area or object. Within the framework of this framework of this project it is planned to organize Dance in Nature 2014 dance and art festival in Ropaži in July 2014.

The objective of the project is to organize the international Contemporary Dance and Art festival "Dance in nature 2014" in Ropaži municipality, to promote cooperation between Norwegian and Latvian representatives and to ensure international circulation of cultural products.

The project applicant is Ropaži minicipality , the project partners from Latvia are the Dance Support Foundation "Zvaigžņu AkA" and from Norway Siri%Snelle Produksjoner. Both partners are contemporary dance organizations.

Planned project activities:

1.Master classes.

2.Preparation of performances.

3.Neighbour cooperation events (short format works/ perfomances/ shows).

4.Cycling excursion in Ropaži municipality.

5.Demonstration of dance films.

6.Talk/discussion on and around "Dance in nature".

7. Two long format dance shows.

8.Closing event.

9.Project management.


Contact information: Signe Grūbe, signe.grubee