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Kultūras un dabas mantojuma saglabāšana un atjaunināšana Latvijas Repuyblijas Kultūras ministrija

Project number: EEZLV04/GSKMS/2013/17.

Project promoter: Association of Memorial museums.

Project title: "Restoration of the Museum of Jānis Akuraters".

Date of project contract: 30.09.2014.

Project partners: State Joint-Stock Company “State Real Estates”,
Lillehammer Museum Association from Kingdom of Norway;

Total eligible costs: 250 000.00 euro.

The amount of support - 100% of eligible costs, not more than 250 000.oo euro of which:

EEA co-financing - 85% of eligible costs, not more than 212 500.00 euro;

National co-financing - 15% of eligible costs, not more than 37 500.00 euro;

Co-financing of the beneficiary - 0% of the total eligible project costs, not more than 0.00 euro.

Planned project start date: 30.09.2014.

Duration: 19 months.

Venue: Riga (Latvia).

Project discription: The aim of the Project is to reconstruct the memorial house of the museum J.Akuraters located on O.Vācieša street 6a, Riga, in order to accommodate it for performance of entrusted functions and make its cultural content compliant with the modern requirements.
Jānis Akuraters Museum is located in a building that was built in 1933 to the design of Verners Vitands and in 1991 was opened as a branch-museum of the Rainis Museum of Literature and Art History. As of 1 October 2009 Jānis Akuraters Museum is part of the Association of Memorial Museums and at present it is possible to visit five rooms in it that were inhabited by J.Akuraters and his family in the 1930’s and by the poet’s family after his death.

The mission of the museum is to preserve the authenticity of the house built in the 30’s of the past century, as well as its interior, create and maintain the society’s interest for the winner of the Fatherland Award, poet that was not spoken of during the occupation years, writer and social worker Jānis Akuraters (1876-1937).

Today the writer’s huse is one of the cultural centres of the left bank of the River Daugava where, just as during the time of Jānis Akuraters, writers and artists, musicians and actors, as well as students in theatre groups gather.

Planned project activities:

1. Renewal of the building of Jānis Akuraters memorial museum upgrading the condition of existing exposition by construction of entrance unit in the semi-basement for museum visitors and new exposition spaces, improving the territory, reconstructing the building itself and training the employees of State Real Estate (VNĪ) in execution of restoration work.

2. Exchange of experience with Lillehammer Museum Association of the Kingdom of the Norway and its special museums: museum-house of the writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson – Aulestad in Follebu and museum-house of the writer Sigrid Undset - Bjerkebæk in Lillehammer.

3. Development of new cultural services creating new museum programmes.

4. Project publicity, including creation of the booklet on the results of the Project and organizing of the workshop on the execution of reconstruction work in the buildings of memorial museums.

5. Project management.

Contact information: Krista Elsta, krista.elstae