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Kultūras un dabas mantojuma saglabāšana un atjaunināšana Latvijas Repuyblijas Kultūras ministrija

Project number: EEZLV04/GSKMS/2013/09.

Project promoter: Ludza municipality.

Project title: "Restoration of the Great synagogue of Ludza and revival of Jewish spiritual heritage".

Date of project contract: 10.09.2014.

Project partner: The Museum Center in Hordaland, Norway;
Total eligible costs: 250 000 euro.

The amount of support - 90% of eligible costs, not more than 237 500.00 of which:

EEA co-financing - 85% of eligible costs, not more than 201 875.00 euro;

National co-financing - 15% of eligible costs, not more than 35 625.00 euro;

Co-financing of the beneficiary - 5% of the total eligible project costs, not more than 12 500.00 euro.

Planned project start  date: 10.09.2014.

Duration:  19 months.

Venue: Ludza (Latvia).

Project discription: The Great synagogue of Ludza is a culture (architecture) monument of state importance and is the oldest synagogue in Latvia and Baltic States; it is located in the area of another monument – the Historical Centre of Ludza Town. The Synagogue is considered to be a unique cultural monument of Jewish in north-eastern Europe, which mostly have been lost elsewhere in Europe during the 20th century. In order to keep the culture and historical heritage and to ensure qualitative access to culture services for the society, the synagogue building will be restored and expositions will be created.

 Planned project activities:

1. Project administration.

2. Restoration of the Great synagogue of Ludza.

3. Exchange of experience with project partners in Norway, incl. Norwegian experts’ visits and organisation of workshops.

4. Creation of exhibition.

5. Publicity.

Contact information: Ilona Rimša, ilona.rimsae