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Kultūras un dabas mantojuma saglabāšana un atjaunināšana Latvijas Repuyblijas Kultūras ministrija

Project number: EEZLV04/GSKA/2013/32;

Project promoter: Foundation “Elm Media”; 
Project partner: Bergen International Film Festival;
Planned total expenditures: 80,492 EUR;
Planned project start date: 18.08.2014; 
Duration of the project: 18 months.    
Objective of the project is to use creative potential and cooperation of Latvian and Norwegian photographers and anthropologists to create a joint traveling exhibition on Latvians in Norway and Norwegians in Latvia and to widen views of inhabitants of both countries about other country and its people. 

Trips of photographers and anthropologists to the neighbouring countries – Norway and Latvia - to document life of people coming from their country will take place during the project and screenings of documentary films in Latvia and Norway about important social topics in the other country will be organised. The project website will be developed to publish stories, photographs and audiovisual materials gathered during the project, while at the end of the project a travelling exhibition “Life in Motion” about Norwegians living in Latvia and Latvians living in Norway, which will include photo portraits, short videos and life stories of people will be prepared. The exhibition will allow Latvian and Norwegian people to get to know people from the other country living in their country, to decrease stereotypes and to promote intercultural understanding and cooperation. 

Project activities

1. Project management;

2. Project publicity;

3. Development of projects website;

4. Identifying potential participants in Latvia and Norway;

5. Project opening event – meeting of Latvian and Norwegian photographers and anthropologists and joint seminar;

6. Screenings of Norwegian documentary films in Latvia;

7. Screenings of Latvian documentary films in Norway;

8. Taking photos and collecting stories in Latvia and Norway;

9. Joint workshop in Latvia – choosing photos and preparing them for exhibiting and finalising stories;

10. Project closing event - symposium;

11. Exhibition “Life in Motion” in Latvia and Norway.