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Kultūras un dabas mantojuma saglabāšana un atjaunināšana Latvijas Repuyblijas Kultūras ministrija

Reconstruction of the Museum of Literature and Music

Project promoter: State Joint-Stock Company “State Real Estates”

Project partner: The Museum of Literature and Music, residing in the building

Planned total expenditures: €4 947 685

Planned project start and end date: 01.05.2013.–30.04.2016.

The Museum of Literature and Music (Pils laukums 2, Riga) offers diverse services of lifelong learning for vast social groups by interpreting the causal relationship of literature and music development processes. The museum creates both long and short term exhibitions, using historical documents from local and foreign collections to hightlight the international connections and influences of the Latvian culture. Nevertheless, the activity of the museum is being held back by the bad technical state of the building it is residing in, as well as the lack of contemporary exhibitions.

Planned project activities:

  1. Exchange of experience with project partners in Norway;
  2. Renovation of the building the museum resides in;
  3. Improvement of the museum, as well as creation of new exhibitions;
  4. Project administration;
  5. Publicity.