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Regional Cultural Policy

The Department of Cultural Policy Planning of the Ministry of Culture encompasses a structural unit - Division of Information Strategy and Regional Culture Policy, which implements the state culture policy in the cities and regions of the Republic, analyzes the cultural processes and prospects their future development in counties, cities and regions.  

Main objectives of the regional culture policy are to:

  • Perform systematic research on the culture processes in the historical and culture regions and local governments of Latvia.
  • Update and modernize the cultural infrastructure of local governments. 
  • Advance the professional qualifications and further education of the employees of establishments of culture of local governments
  • Implement balanced territorial development, aimed at local culture policy.
  • Establish local culture institutions as well as network of lifelong learning centers.
  • Develop architecture as a field of art
  • Develop the capital of Latvia - Riga - as a culture metropolis of the Baltics
  • Stimulate cooperation among local governments and NGOs
  • Promote accessibility of professional art.

Wide and varied is the range of culture services and events, access to memorable events and professional exhibitions is provided, and the activities of professional artists are a precondition to sustainable region development.  The extensive and diverse offer of contemporary art products witnesses that the region is focused into the future and open to innovation.  The cultural resources present a rich, however not sufficiently studied economic and educational potential, as well as a factor consolidating the community.

There are 1746 cultural institutions in Latvia. The largest number of culture establishments, determined by the high density of population, is in Riga and Riga District (263), followed by the districts of Liepāja, Ogre, Cēsis, Daugavpils and Rēzekne.  As to the territorial reach the largest concentration of cultural establishments may be observed in Vidzeme and Zemgale, as well as Latgale (except the border area), in turn a more diffuse distribution of cultural establishments exists in the Region of Kurzeme, where the population density is lower.

There are 8428 cultural monuments in Latvia, 3357 of them are architectural monuments, which are one of the most significant constituents of culture tourism and development opportunities of the region.

Information Analysis and Regional Cultural Policy Division 
K.Valdemāra iela 11a, Riga LV-1364
Dace Ziemele
e-mail: Dace.Ziemelee-pasta
Tel.: 7078131, 26173399

The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments is an association, unifying local and regional governments of the Republic of Latvia on the voluntary basis.

5 planning regions with the jurisdiction to provide planning of the development of the region, coordination, cooperation of local governments and other state administration bodies have been formed in Latvia:

1. Latgale Planning Region:
2. Vidzeme Planning Region:
3. Kurzeme Planning Region:
4. Zemgale Planning Region:
5. Riga Planning Region


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