Other state authorities, as well as non-governmental institutions are also involved in the cultural policy for youth and children.

State institutions

On the level of executive power the educational system in general is coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Education and Science, which is responsible for uniform state policy and strategy in education.

Cultural policy for youth and children and its strategy in Latvia is the responsibility of the Strategy Division of the Culture Planning Department of the Ministry of Culture.

The State Cultural Education Centre is a general government institution, implementing according to its jurisdiction state policy in the field of culture in cultural education. 

The leading institution of the state administration in respect to protection of the rights of the children, children and family rights and youth issues is the Ministry for Children and Family Affairs, which has been founded in order to promote and implement justified, foreseeable and efficient state policy in the field of children, family and youth affairs.

State company SIA Latvijas Koncerti during the whole season offers season tickets for concerts to children and adolescents, as well as provides concerts during celebrations and state holidays for families with children.  Children are offered an opportunity to participate in performances and concerts, to perform in front of the audience. 

Professional theatres of Latvia regularly stage plays and performances for children and youth, which help children, adolescents and parents to acquire competence in respect to the values and resolve psychological and moral problems.

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